Winter 2014 European API Security Tour


Yesterday on the Nordic APIs blog, I announced that we are continuing to lead the advancement and adoption of APIs in Europe by sponsoring and co-organizing the only all-API-related series of events in Northern Europe. Over the next few months, we will be touring Europe to explain API security, and wanted to let you know in hopes that you can join us.

First Leg: Dataföreningen in Stockholm

On February 6, we will be in Stockholm to present at the regular meeting of Dataföreningen. We will share our thoughts and info on mobile API security. The event will start in the evening around 5:30 with kvällsmat followed by a couple hours of presentations, including ours. The event will be located at Kompetenscenter, Flemminggatan 7. For more info and registration, visit the club's site.

Second Leg: API Strat Europe

On March 26-28, we will head down to Amsterdam where we will be joined by other great API experts like Mike Amundsen of Layer 7, John Sheehan of Runscope, Kin Lane, and many, many others. We'll be working with our Nordic APIs teammates to co-orgranize some great activities. Registration is open, so please plan to join us.

Final Leg: Nordic APIs Tour

After our short stint down to Holland, we'll continue our trek by joining the Nordic APIs tour. We will be in Copenhagen on April 1st, Helsinki on the 2nd, and then to Oslo on the 3rd. Tickets are also on sale, and registration for those events is open. We will be sharing some valuable insights about the API security best practices, do's and don't, and lessons learned from our work with our customers who have launched secure APIs.

Through these events, we hope to spread the word about the importance of launching a secure API and how to do so. Hope you can join us at one of these exciting events.