We are experts in a number of Identity & Access Management standards, including:

  • SAML, WS-Federation, and OpenID Connect for Web Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • WS-Trust for cross-domain identity brokering and secure access to SOAPful Web services
  • OAuth for mobile security and API security
  • SCIM for automated user provisioning
  • XACML for fine-grained authorization

To help organizations overcome the challenges introduced by the Nexus of Forces, cloud computing, social networking, mobile, and big data, we are coupling our expertise and services with best-of-breed products that can be used to solve the problems posed by these game-changing forces. We have selected leading products from trusted vendors, and have pre-integrated them. Through our partnerships, we are offering our customers ready-made solutions that will allow them to quickly address the problems of a new computing era. We recognize, however, that many have invested heavily in IT systems that cannot be scrapped in order to cope with this nexus. Adopting these new technologies while existing ones continue to depreciate on the books is not an option. With our deep knowledge of the standards on which our partner's products are built, it is very easy for us to use others that implement the same open protocols. This expertise, our portfolio of preferred products, and flexible use of alternatives allows us to help our customers cross over the widening gap between those that adopt cloud, mobile, social, and big data and those that do not.