The Cloud Makes Federation Untenable

At one point in time, flying from one place to another required pilots to plot direct flights between them. As air travel became mainstream, it was no longer economical to fly directly from one place to another, and airlines built hubs that ushered passengers from one location to another. In the same way, identity federation has required organizations to make direct connections to each other, in order to provide users with a Single Sing-On (SSO) experience. The advent of cloud computing has made this economically inviable. As organizations adopt this new computing paradigm, it is impossible for them to make and maintain direct connections to each cloud service provider. Without it, however, users must provide a username and password for each cloud service, which is also unacceptable. In the same way airlines solved this dilemma, PingOne provides organizations with an identity hub that ushers user identities between them in a more cost effective way.

The Solution: PingOne, an Identity Hub

By making one connection to the PingOne identity hub, organizations can provide their users with:

  • One password to manage
  • Access to hundreds of SaaS applications
  • Web-based desktop to access all of their cloud services
  • Identical experience for private cloud apps as for public ones

Benefits for Enterprises

  • Ability to restrict access to all cloud services by disabling one user account
  • Simplified setup of new SaaS applications using a Web-based administrative console
  • Searchable SaaS application catalog that can be activated quickly and easily
  • One low per-user price that covers Web SSO for unlimited applications
  • Reporting and analytics that provide insights and increased security

Benefits for SaaS

  • Ability to receive digital identities from third-parties without operating any software
  • Lightweight Active Directory (AD) Identity Bridge that can be distributed to customers
  • Simple integration enabling connectivity to all partners in a matter of hours
  • Consume user data from Active Directory, Google Apps, Salesforce, or other repositories

Pay as You Go

For all enterprises and SaaS providers, you only pay for what you use. PingOne provides on-demand Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS), so you only pay for what you use.


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