The Curity Identity Server

Twobo Technologies is always working with state of the art software. The Curity Identity Server adds Identity Management to the Neo-Security platform.

With Curity many pieces of the Identity Managment System falls into place. Advanced authentication, token management and user management are all handled with Curity.

Identity Integrated

At Twobo Technologies, our deep knowledge of Identity and Access Management (IAM) gives us a unique perspective on the problems organizations are facing as they adopt cloud computing, mobile, and social. Identity at the center of these megatrends.

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Nordic APIs

Twobo Technologies are the founders of the API community Nordic APIs. Our security experts continously blog and present at Nordic APIs, so join our community to stay in touch with the latest trends and stories from the API world.

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Embracing Neo-Security is essential

Companies are quickly transforming into platforms, where the key product they will provide will be information, and APIs to deliver this information.

Twobo Technologies is a system integrator that deliver the Neo-Security Platform for companies to cope with this emerging trend and its security implications, without throwing away existing investments.

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The most critical component of Neo-Security is knowing who someone is (authentication) and sharing this information between disparate systems (federation). And most importantly it must scale, from social to banking grade.

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The biggest challange most companies face today is to keep up with the rapid movement to mobile and cloud. Turning the organization into a platform i crucial, which means exposing business data and services as APIs.

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Knowing who somebody is, is merely the beginning. The real question is: What are you allowed to do? With fine-grain authorization organizations are sure to have full control over both internal and external users.

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