Separating authentication from other parts of the system is standard in Neo-Security. It enables the organization to select authentication methods based on the current circumstances, such as where the user is located, time of day, what type of device the access is done from etc. In many cases it's not enough with simple username password, but more security is required. This is where Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) is needed. Traditionally 2FA is achieved by sending an SMS to a well known phone number, or by using hardware tokens provided by the company holding the secure resource.

Mobile 2 Factor Authentication

Twobo uses mobile app solutions for 2FA. Using the Smart Phone as the second factor, with a special built app locked down to the device. This provides unparallelled user experience, as the user never has to context switch and manually type numbers received from SMS or HW tokens.

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Connect your company to the cloud without extra passwords. Let your employees use a single identity with any number of cloud applications.

Federation server - A swiss army knife

A Federation server needs to be flexible. And by implementing all of the popular international standards that have been designed for Web Single Sign-On (SSO), the Federation server becomes the central hub for Internal Single Sign On.

OpenID Connect

While federation is a proved concept, a lot has changed with the emergence of mobile platforms. Older standards no longer solve the problems at hand for mobile scenarios. That's the main reason for OpenID Connect's popularity. It is a new protocol with mobile as one of its primary uses. At Twobo we rarely see a project where we don't use OpenID Connect. It is well suited both for Internal SSO as well as integrating customer facing apps and sites.

Featured video - OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Deep Dive


Travis Spencer - CEO Twobo Technologies

Travis presents the state of OpenID Connect at Nordic APIs in Stockholm. How does OAuth2 and OpenID Connect relate, how can those be utilized with mobile single sign on.

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Social integration

Guide your visitors through the customer corridor, allowing them to login using any social media account. Social sign-in is just the beginning. What happens when your visitor becomes a customer? Social credentials are not sufficient for credit card accounts. Twobo guides your company to provide the ability to use the same user ID from the first visit all the way through the getting-to-know-eachother phase to a solid customer relationship.

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The three pillars of Neo-Security.